About Foundation

The foundation was founded on the initiative of women who want to succeed in professional life and participate in public life without giving up family life.

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About us

We are a non-governmental organization whose goal is to promote equal opportunities for women through our own projects and in cooperation with public institutions at all levels.


We believe that greater participation of women in business, in social life and in public life will significantly accelerate changes in favor of strengthening the role of women and strengthening them in broad social awareness.

Public benefit activities in:

  • activities for equal rights between men and women;
  • activities supporting the development of local communities;
  • promoting and protecting human freedoms and rights as well as civil liberties, as well as activities supporting the development of democracy,
  • developing and strengthening skills and attitudes focused on active cooperation in the development of civil society,
  • maintaining and disseminating the national tradition, cultivating Polishness and developing social activity.
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The Foundation's statutory goals are (among others):

  • activities for the equal treatment of men and women in law and in its practical application, as well as in social, political and economic life,
  • activities to improve the conditions enabling women to develop them comprehensively,
  • activities for equal opportunities for men and women on the labor market,
  • mobilizing women for civic activity, developing and strengthening civic attitudes focused on cooperation to improve the conditions of women's functioning,
  • activities for the development of civic awareness, including the creation of conditions for greater social and political activity of women