About us

Vox Feminae Institute

We are a non-governmental organization whose goal is to provide equal opportunities for women in professional, social and public life through its own activities and in cooperation with private and public institutions at all levels.

We act to provide equal opportunities in the labor market, change the media policy and change the policy towards women by changing the face of politics – thanks to strengthening the position of women in Poland. Only full participation of women in business, social and public life will constitute a fully democratic state.

We see the need to change the current state of affairs and we want to strive for equal opportunities for women, so that they can freely make decisions in private, professional and public life.

Vision and mission

In our vision, Poland is a country where women have true equal opportunities in the socio-economic aspect, in professional development, in social and public life.

Our mission is to equip women with the necessary skills and competences so that they can successfully compete on the labor market, assume leadership roles and actively compete in social and public life.

Our goal is to provide equal opportunities in the labor market so that women can fully fulfill themselves on the professional level and change the face of politics by empowering women through active involvement of women in the public sphere as citizens, activists, voters, candidates and leaders.

We promote our values:

Exit the comfort zone.  Start doing. Do not be afraid.  Inspire to change something.  Respect the past. Influence the future. 

Think outside the box. Be principled.  Respect others. 

Statutory objectives of the Institute

  • activities for the equal treatment of men and women in law and in its practical application, as well as in social, political and economic life

  • activities to improve the conditions enabling women to develop them comprehensively

  • activities for equal opportunities for men and women on the labor market,
  • mobilizing women for civic activity, developing and strengthening civic attitudes focused on cooperation to improve the conditions of women’s functioning,

  • activities for the development of civic awareness, including the creation of conditions for greater social and political activity of women


Vox Feminae Institute, 33/13 Nowy Świat , 00-029 Warsaw, voxfeminae.org@gmail.com

NIP: 5252809695, Account: 31 1140 2004 0000 3002 7954 2165