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Equal opportunities for women at work should be considered as fundamental workers’ rights.

Build a brand of your organization friendly to women. See how we can help.

We provide:

advice and consultation

  • Strategic planning

  • GE Consulting

workshops and training

  • Introduction to the Culture of Equal Opportunities (GE)
  • Training in the field of GE and inclusiveness for management staff
  • Building the value of the organization through a culture of equality
  • Equality communicatio
  • Leadership in new media
  • Building a culture of belonging
  • Unaware attitudes and prejudices in the workplace.
  • Micro-inequalities
  • Gender conflicts
  • Mobbing in the workplace
  • Anti-discrimination workshop
  • Organization maturity test

GE maturity survey in the organisation

In order to describe the GE maturity model of the organisation, comprehensive desk research, interviews, questionnaires and focus groups are carried out. In order to increase the impact of implementing the GE strategy, with the involvement of the GE team and selected company representatives, an action map is developed based on existing solutions. The goal is to create a GE strategy (or action plan).

  • Introductory workshop for GE team members
  • Analysis of documents, processes and activities
  • Qualitative research – in-depth interviews
  • Online questionnaire survey for all employees
  • GE maturity summary and assessment
  • Preparation of a GE / Action Plan strategy

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