Fair to Women contest

Fair to Women promotes the idea of ​​equal treatment and equal opportunities for women on the labor market and certifies those employers who create the best working conditions for women, including, above all, in the field of equal pay, programs supporting the reconciliation of private and professional life, the participation of women in managerial positions or equality organizational culture.

Certification may be applied for by companies that operate in Poland and fall within the range of a medium or large organization. In their opinion, the auditors take into account any solutions that go beyond the employer’s obligations under the law. Companies applying for the certificate must demonstrate that their actions are of a permanent and comprehensive nature. The assessment of submitted applications is made by auditors.

Due to the large number of surveys submitted for the competition and the need to evaluate them in a short time, the organization of the competition has changed. We would like to remind you that from June 2022 we accept applications from companies on a continuous basis. The positive assessment of the auditors and obtaining the „Fair to Women” certificate allow the company to participate in the „Top of Fair to Women” contest. 

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