Women working full-time in Poland still earn less than men and are still very under-represented at the top of the company hierarchy. Gender equality, meanwhile, should be seen as a strategic and operational goal in the same way as labor rights, human rights and sustainable development in the UN goals. Some international companies provide diversity training for employees and try to ensure equal opportunities for women and men at all levels of the organization. However, this is only a drop in the ocean of needs.

 The aim of our new Viva Feminae project is to empower young women on their professional path by raising awareness of the issue of gender equality in the workplace. In the future, it will be able to positively influence the development of their careers, job satisfaction and life fulfillment.

 Viva Feminea are cyclical meetings addressed to young women and men who will soon enter the professional life and will shape future attitudes, organizational culture and future workplaces, where the topic of equal opportunities for women and men should be treated with due attention. As part of the meetings, two lectures will be presented during which issues such as: 1) Where are women?, 2) Equality and equal treatment – introduction to the topic, 3) Gender and the labor market – equal treatment in the workplace, stereotypes and barriers in work, 4) Discrimination and other phenomena at work, 5) Sources of unequal opportunities, 6) Developing equality measures in the workplace. Organizational culture, 7) The power of coalitions and cooperation networks, 8) Counteracting unequal treatment – good practices on the example of companies operating in Poland, 9) What can I do to change the situation? 10) Social media in the service of equal treatment

 The project is possible thanks to the financial support of the PGNiG Foundation.

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